FBDtel.com - The telecommunication company you can trust FBDtel.com - The telecommunication company you can trust FBDtel.com - The telecommunication company you can trust FBDtel.com - The telecommunication company you can trust FBDtel.com - The telecommunication company you can trust

About us


Telecom Wholesale Business

Headquartered in Tirana, Albania, FBDTEL is a global telecommunications service provider and next generation long distance carrier’s carrier offering wholesale for local access and international carriers besides other providers. We aim to be one of the global market actors, for this mission we are improving our technology for better quality of service.
We have a well managed QoS network and use different algorithms for providing high quality service to our customers who are happy working with us for several years. We have a portfolio of around 150 route providers and more than 30 biggest carriers of the world.
 FBDTEL routes international traffic through its own network spanning points of presence (POPs) in USA and EuroAsia. Wholesale, and mobile carriers around the world connect to FBDTEL as part of their standard international service to meet the needs of their demanding customers. FBDTEL is a reliable and strong bridge between big market player and small to medium-size telephone companies overseas.

Through our network of POPs and connections we offer a global MPLS network for our clients and partners. Our mission is to have the best quality and lower latency times in the areas we operate. As we see this to have potential growth in the future, we are investing to expand our networks in developing countries in East Europe, Africa and South Amerca.


Telecom Retail Business

FBD is an alternative telecom operator in the Balkans. It started operations on year 2009, and has since been building and operating its own private broadband network in key cities of Albania and Kosovo.We offer triple play packages in for our broadband market including Internet, Fixed Telephony and Cable TV services. Internet being the most important and key service followed by video service. Technology used on FBD network is Cisco Systems on the Core and Distribution, while it uses Mikrotik and DZSI for Access Layer.


Selling telecom equipment and building telecom infrastructure

Established in 2009 FBD is a promoter of innovation and technological development. It is one the key providers of telecom equipment in Albania. It is an authorized reseller of different equipment brands in the territory of Albania and Kosovo, and also represents various foreign companies that want to be present in these markets.  The company is one of the main suppliers for other Telcos in the region for fiber optic products and accessories that they need for setting up new broadband networks.

FBD has vast knowledge and experience, and it has been building telecom infrastructure for several telecommunication companies in the region over the years, thus being a strong player in both domestic and international markets.  It has entered into, and has successfully fulfilled agreements with telcos and Government bodies regarding the construction of fiber infrastructure. Our team with leading edge expertise have worked in various terrains and know how to operate under all types of conditions.  Being centered in Tirana FBD is able to cover a wide range of projects internationally.

This know-how, expertise and high project success rate, make our service in high demand in the region.


Dedicated servers, Cloud and Hosting services

Through the network we offer fully managed dedicated servers, cloud and hosting services.  We offer high speed internet connection with a team offering support 24/7/365. Our team helps out for any questions you have on our services. RAID technology and a free DDoS protection guarantee a high level of server availability. The administration panels cPanel/WHM and Plesk are available optionally. 


Software, E-Commerce, Branding and Grahpic design

With the combination of advanced programming skills and computing power we can build custom applications which are tailored to meet your business needs using best in class frameworks and technologies. Our experienced developers have a background of building enterprise-level and customer oriented business software for a great variety of industries. The number of retail e-commerce sales hit $4.3 trillion U.S dollars in 2020 and are expected to hit 6.3 trillion in 2024. E-Commerce has revolutionized the way consumers shop today and retailers cannot afford to miss the opportunity. We can help your business by providing custom e-commerce solutions as well tools and plug-ins that can be integrate it with your existing e-commerce, in addition we can built custom marketplaces for multichannel B2B and B2C sales by fully integrating with multiple third party vendors with the internal software and allowing a fully automated business process.We offer custom tailored ERP systems that will increase your sales, marketing, manufacturing, purchasing, inventory, distribution, human resources or analytics efficiency and help you find accurate information that will enables higher productivity and help your company become more effective. This is achieved by analyzing your company needs and solve functional issues by building or improving databases



Financial situation

The following is the table for the last 3 years which shows revenue in USD.



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